Simplify your Bookings

Manage your Meetings

For Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs

with time-sensitive services
to be productive & profitable
in delivering on time and on point
through effective time management scheduling.

Productive and Profitable

Maximize your time and revenues by

filling up your agenda as much as possible, organizing your days the way you want, defining your working hours per service, ...

Delivering on Time and on Point

Productize your services by

labeling them with a title, description, location, ... , setting up the duration, getting a short profile to pitch your skills, communicating your URL<username>.

Effective Time Management

Let your customers do the booking

They can browse the dates and pick a suitable time for themselves. Do not waste time doing it yourself and be less interupted by a call whenever you are with a customer. Be alerted directly in your agenda and receive notifications on your phone if you want to.

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You just need a Gmail address!

For now you can register for a free account
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and start offering some time-sensitive services to your clients.


Naclem is a fast and efficient web app.
Easy to use and feature rich.


Your meetings are completely private. We do not keep any trace of your bookings. You can revoke your calendar authorization anytime.


Describe your service proposal(s) with a title, a duration, a short description and a location. Customize your booking form according to your business activity.


Naclem is available in multiple languages: English and French to start with. For international services, your time zone will be displayed for your clients to make an educated choice.

Calendar Invitations

Upon confirmation, you and your client both receive a calendar invite. Inside, you will find relevant information to reach out your client and links to cancel or reschedule.

Personalized URL<username>, a specific link you can communicate to your clients and contacts. Customize further the header of your page by adding a picture, your name and a short description of your activity or yourself.

Time Management

Your agenda is updated in real time. If anything, your clients, and yourself, can cancel or reschedule anytime. If one client cancels, the previously booked timeslot is automatically available for someone else.

Video Conference

You can automatically generate a Google Meet video conference invitation and insert it on the calendar invite that will be sent to your client (and yourself).


By default, you will be notified of any upcoming booking 24 hours in advance and you will be reminded 10 minutes before.


Naclem has been designed with a mobile philosophy. You can use any mobile device to consult your account and your clients can make a booking by using their smartphone.

Service Visibility

If you want to suspend a service for a while, you can switch it off without losing parameters and switch it back on whenever you want.

Get the App

Naclem is a Progressive Web App (PWA)
that you can install on virtually any device

Get Started

Configure your first service in just 3 steps.
Adjust your options to customize your service display anytime.

1 - Setup your username

It is super easy.

Pick a name that truly represents you or your activity. This is your main address for your customers to reach you on Naclem. It looks like<username>.

2 - Authorize access to your calendar

It is transparent.

You just need to grant us access to your calendar to allow us to schedule services for you. You can revoke this authorization at any time.

3 - Create services

Et voila!

Create any service you like. You can specify a title, description, duration, booking hours, ...

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Privacy Matters

This web app use only some necessary technical cookies for you to enjoy its services and nothing else. We do not track you and we do not collect data for analytical purposes. For more information, check our Privacy Policy.