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Customer: a Customer of Naclem with a registered account. Someone offering time-sensitive Services and using our platform.
Client: a customer of our Customers, someone using Naclem services by scheduling a Service with one of our Customers.
Service: any kind of service/event/appointment that our Customers can propose to their Clients.


Naclem is allowing its Customers to propose time-sensitive Services to their own Clients. To do so, we are using a calendar resource (such as the one included in a Gmail account) and we are proposing to our Customers to parameter a simple web interface through which their Clients can schedule a Service with them.


As a Customer

You need only 3 steps to create an account:

  1. You shall define a unique username (it will be used to create a personalized URL).
  2. You need to grant us access to your calendar for us to be able to operate the service (in other words: create, cancel, reschedule any Service/event on your behalf). To that end, we will store credentials for your calendar, its time zone and locale settings.
  3. You create services with the following mandatory information:
    • Title of the Service/event.
    • Duration in minutes.
    • Booking hours (see that as a way to manage your availability).

Important note: You can revoke the calendar access you granted us anytime! We provide a link to do it.

There are some other information you can provide, but this is completely optional:

  • Service description.
  • Place of business.
  • Last name and/or first name.
  • Picture (you can use a Gravatar or upload it on Naclem).
  • Short text about yourself or your business.

We do not store any other information. This data is only being used for the service. It is therefore public (except obviously your calendar credentials and the booking hours per se) but it will not be willingly shared by us to anyone else.

As a Client

Once you type in the Naclem URL of the person/business (https://naclem.com/@<username>) you would like to get in touch with for scheduling a Service, you just need to perform the following:

  • Pick a Service among the list that is offered.
  • Pick a date and a time that is convenient for you.
  • Enter a few mandatory informations (simply to be reached):
    • Email address.
    • Phone number.
    • First name.
    • Last name.
  • On option, a Customer can ask its Clients if they want to leave a note or ask them to give their physical address in case they have to meet.
  • Confirm the booking.

When this is done, the Client will receive an email in the form of a calendar invitation (coming from our Customer) with a recap of the data that was provided. If the Client is using a Gmail address, there won't be any email, just an already accepted Service/event in their calendar.

Part of this invitation, there will be 2 URLs to cancel or reschedule the Service/event if necessary.

Data Processing

Naclem does not store any information at all regarding the scheduling process.

When we are offering some time slots for any Client to pick, we only analyze on the fly our Customer’s calendar to find out whenever there is some free time. We do not store any information pertaining to their existing Services/events.

Likewise, when we are processing Client’s data to create a Service/event on our Customer’s behalf, we do not store any information at all.

For example, when a Service/event is created, we generate a unique and random identifier but we do not store that information. It is known only by the Customer and its Client in case they want to cancel or reschedule.

For all our Customers and all their Clients, your calendar data is completely private and we have no trace of it at all in any of our systems.

Data We Use

Just the data you provide us to operate the service, as described above, on the Home page and on the Frequently Asked Questions page. You have full control and you can cancel/delete anything anytime.

Cookie Policy

Technical Cookies

There are some necessary cookies (4 maximum) that we use to operate the website (purely technical ones). They are restricted to a simple session id (necessary), a remember token (if you check that option when signing in), your language preference (if you decide to select another language) and your consent to our cookie banner. Nothing else.

Cookie Banner

We do not install any tracking cookie or any other analytical cookie. We do not track or profile you.

As a result, and in line with GDPR requirements, we do not need to display any cookie banner on your first visit on our website. Nonetheless, for full transparency and to let you know, we decided to have a cookie banner with a short message and link to our privacy policy.

Information We Collect Automatically

Even if you do not provide information to us (by creating an account), we automatically collect certain information about your use and interaction with our web site. When you visit or use Naclem, we automatically log your IP (Internet Protocol) address, type of operating system you used, type of device you used, date and time you visited the website, the URL you requested and the URL you were coming from. We may only use these logs to troubleshoot technical problems, should the need arise. At this stage, we do not use your logs for any statistical purposes or any other business purposes.

Extra Information We Collect

It is very simple: None, Nothing, Rien, Nada, ...

Guess there is no need to translate further 😉

Information We Share

We do not share any information. Two main reasons:

  • We do not have anything to share
  • We are not interested in sharing anything as a business model

Policy Update

This Privacy Policy can change at any time. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on our website. In any case, you will be notified.

Le respect de votre vie privée est notre priorité

Cette application web n'utilise que des cookies techniques nécessaires à son bon fonctionnement et rien d'autre. Nous ne vous traquons pas et nous ne collectons pas de données à des fins statistiques. Pour votre information, vous pouvez consulter notre Politique de confidentialité.